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Dan Shielding

Dan Shielding, Freedom Strategist

Dan Shielding is the host of “How To Achieve Freedom,” a champion of the Non-Aggression Principle, and obsessed with strategies for achieving freedom and happiness.

As a child, Dan discovered various fictions, including the “Bill of Rights,” which clearly did not apply to people his age. Regardless, he enjoyed some success, became an All-American college swimmer and earned a grad degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Upon entering the “real world” he witnessed first hand how government intervention severely undermined his clients’ efforts to medically prevent human suffering and death. His personal life was shattered when the government forced the woman he loved to leave the country over a work visa technicality. His tolerance of both aggression and insanity reached a turning point when the World Trade Towers collapsed, not so much due to the act of violence, but due to the seemingly irrational response of those around him. At that point he developed a voracious appetite to better understand the elephants in the room: religion, economics, ethics and government.

He founded Liberation Animation which he used to develop the cartoon “Non-Aggression Principle,” and motion graphics for prominent freedom activists, including Adam Kokesh and Stefan Molyneux.

Since 2011, Dan has been focussed on the big question… HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE FREEDOM?! Now he’s disseminating what he’s learned and processed through podcasting, blogging, speaking, email, ebooks and social media.

He hosts and produces the How To Achieve Freedom (HTAF) podcast, which offers practical effective strategies for achieving freedom for yourself and your loved ones, and for establishing a free society.

Dan kite-surfs when the weather’s just right, enjoys quality time with the people he loves, galks at his wife, facilitates life-learning with his kids and their friends, and relentlessly strives to maximize happiness for the human species by helping as many people as possible to achieve a free, peaceful, joyful, fulfilling life and a culture of non-aggression.

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