When police come knocking

Opening the door to police is like inviting a vampire into your home.

If you didn’t request and don’t need police assistance, never open the door when police visit your home.

Never do or say anything that could be interpreted as consent. If you keep talking, chances are you will accidentally give them something they can use to violate your freedom.

Notice how the cop shut his mouth and let the Uncle speak freely. All he had to do is wait until the Uncle said, “You can put me in the back of that cruiser. You can do a whole background check on me if you want…” That’s all they legally needed to escalate the interaction to physical contact.

By the way, who’s watching the child while the Uncle was detained in the car? How does removing a peaceful guardian make a child safer???

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Dan Shielding is a freedom strategist. He researches, explores, develops and tests various strategies for achieving real freedom in an effort to improve lives. To be free, Dan believes you must live as you truly wish, adhere to the non-aggression principle, and shield yourself from the aggression of others. So his strategies vary from self-help guru advice to practical steps collaborators can take to peacefully establish and maintain a free society.
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