Driver is claiming he was threatened by cyclists and was trying…

Driver is claiming he was threatened by cyclists and was trying to get away. Even if that were true, causing grave harm to innocent casualties against their will is never justified.

Movies often depict scenarios in which one act of aggression is necessary to stop a worse act of aggression… These scenarios are great for exercising our brains and stimulating conversation, but they tend to be incredibly unrealistic…

1) It’s rare to find yourself in such a situation.

2) You rarely have this omniscient awareness of the situation and of all consequences involved.

3) Your choices are rarely limited this severely.

There are typically many options available for preventing these scenarios, or for dealing with them without requiring you to commit aggression against peaceful people.

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Dan Shielding is a freedom strategist. He researches, explores, develops and tests various strategies for achieving real freedom in an effort to improve lives. To be free, Dan believes you must live as you truly wish, adhere to the non-aggression principle, and shield yourself from the aggression of others. So his strategies vary from self-help guru advice to practical steps collaborators can take to peacefully establish and maintain a free society.
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