8 Strategies for Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Police Brutality

How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from police brutality? Here are some thoughts…

1) Safety in numbers:

Standing up to the police while you’re alone is incredibly foolish. We should live together, work together and travel together. And when one of us is threatened, we should swarm together.

2) Early warning systems:

Neighborhood watches, motion sensing lights and alarms, video surveillance, home security systems, redundant methods of communication, friends within the police department… Neighbors warning neighbors ideally before trouble even begins.

3) Video surveillance:

Nobody should be able to initiate violence against another human being without public exposure. Every square inch of our property and our personal perspective throughout the day should be video and audio recorded, using surveillance systems and mobile devices that we control. This footage can be used to expose _real_ crimes and the aggressors that commit them.

This raises a number of valid concerns (h/t  for bringing these up.) What if government or private criminals use this video footage against us to convict us of a victimless crime, burglarize our home when we’re away, etc.? To deal with these threats…

Footage should be highly encrypted by the recording device so any footage acquired by hackers will be unusable.

Footage should stream to the Internet to multiple private accounts for protection against file confiscation. Each person should secretly share their login info with a friend they trust with their life. This way you and your trusted friend can decide what to share with the public and what to keep private.

The person recording will need a way to notify their friend when something’s going down. That way if the government or a criminal commits a horrible crime, and wants to torture you to gain access to and delete the footage, your friend can release the footage of the crime to the public and you can let the criminal know that the cat’s already out of the bag.

4) Media connections:

We should establish relationships with alternative media sources and setup an automated system for delivering our video footage and messages to the media, so the government can’t control the narrative.

5) Public relations:

We should set an appealing example… Raising happy, healthy, peaceful families. Providing value to others (which is something we do naturally to create wealth). Enjoying our lives. Having fun. Helping others. Sharing our positive, productive, peaceful, joyful way of life with the world. The more public support we can earn, the better.

6) Fortifications:

Barriers to entering your home give you time and thus more options. I love dogs so I hate to say this, but the presence of dogs causes police to fire their weapons which in turn causes innocent casualties. Once we achieve a free society, we can have all the dogs we want. But as long as we live in a police state, I would not allow dogs to roam free on your property, and instead would recommend fences, bars on doors and windows, reinforced doors, door frames and locks. And multiple safe rooms.

7) Hidden escape routes:

Hiding in a bunker can get you killed. The government has the technology to penetrate almost anything. And if you’re hidden from the public, it’s easier for them to get away with murder. If your home is being invaded, the police may also set up snipers to stop you from escaping, so fleeing on foot or in a vehicle can also get you killed. A hidden escape route allows you to avoid danger so you can join a large group of supporters in a public place where you will benefit from safety in numbers and public exposure.

8) Avoid contraband:

You should have the freedom to possess anything you want as long as you don’t harm others. Once we establish a free society, you’ll be free to do so. BUT we currently live in a police state. So any contraband you have will help the police justify their crimes against you. Don’t give them that advantage. Remove all contraband from your home.

Any more ideas on how one can avoid or protect themselves from police brutality?


Any more ideas on how one can avoid or protect themselves from police brutality?

RELEASE US – a short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw (feat. Random Rab)

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