Living As You Wish: Health And Basic Expenses

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Who said exercise has to be boring? HAVE FUN! Treat your body well, so you can more effectively Live As You Wish.

To achieve freedom you not only must rid your life of aggression. You must also live as you wish (much easier said than done). We start this process by covering two basic aspects of your life… health and basic expenses.

Step 1: Preserve Your Health

Maintaining optimal health should be one of your top priorities. Unless you’re self-destructive, it is the prerequisite for everything you want to accomplish.

It allows you to live longer, have more energy, be more productive, raise more children, be happier, inspire more people and yes, to achieve more freedom.

Without it, you become impotent, limited, and powerless to achieve your goals.

So please take care of yourself. Here are the basic tenants of health…

  • Nutrition
    Lay off sugars, sweets, soda, and carbs like bread and pasta. Eat tons of veggies, nuts and legumes. Eat fruit and dairy in moderation. Take a daily multivitamin just in case.
  • Water
    After oxygen, water is the most important substance for keeping you alive. It delivers nutrients, cleanses your system and allows your body to harness energy. So drink plenty of it, ideally around 8 glasses per day.
  • Movement
    If your job involves sitting at a computer all day, make sure you take periodic breaks to move your entire body so toxins don’t collect in areas where they can do damage.
  • Exercise
    schedule time every week to maintain fitness, incorporate strength and aerobic exercise. Make sure you ease into new exercise programs to avoid injury. Always warm up and stretch before hand, and cool down and stretch after. Drink plenty of fluids and dress appropriately to avoid dehydration. Try your best to find physical activities you actually look forward to, like salsa or belly dancing, kayaking, martial arts, kite surfing, sailing, walking on the beach just before sunset, etc.
  • Sleep
    Regular sleep keeps your heart strong and your mind sharp.
  • Regular Checkups
    Whether you believe in traditional medicine or a holistic approach, see professional healthcare providers, so you can benefit from their experience and knowledge.
  • Self Exams
    Obviously the earlier you detect a problem the less damage it tends to cause your body. Complete regular self-exams. Search for lumps in your breasts and testes. And check your skin for abnormal moles and for parasites after you spend time in thick vegetation.
  • Hygiene
    Shower, brush, floss, rinse, you know the drill. Good hygiene helps to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Flexibility
    Stretch especially in the evening or after exercise to increase flexibility which allows you to avoid injury.
  • Avoid High Risk Behavior
    Examples include unprotected promiscuous sex and any stunts you see on “Ridiculousness” 😉 I’m not saying you shouldn’t try extreme sports if that’s what you love. I’m just saying… be smart. Think before you act. Master basic skills before you try the “impossible.” Always be prepared and take safety precautions. Because permanently injuring your body or dying does not make you free.
  • Avoid Substances That Are Both Harmful And Highly Addictive
    Some drugs benefit your body and put you in control.
    Other drugs destroy your body and control you.
    Avoid the latter.
  • Enjoy Yourself
    Spend time each day doing something you enjoy, whether it’s listening to music, watching a sunset, playing with your kids, making love… whatever. To maintain health, you need to take some time to relax and enjoy your life.

Step 2: Cover Basic Needs

Without a consistent, reliable way to fund or provide food, shelter and water for your family, you won’t be able to live as you wish, because all your time will be spent struggling to pay next month’s rent! That also causes loads of unhealthy stress.

If a parent, spouse or someone else is willing to provide your food, shelter and clothing, and they’re not oppressive or abusive, then you have an excellent situation that can save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Even if someone else covers all your expenses, you still need to establish an income, so you can build savings, improve your options, and have a plan B in case your benefactor jumps ship.

A close friend of mine managed to live in his wife’s parents’ house with their 3 kids off and on for several years. Now they’re using the money they saved to rescue a historic landmark and transform it into their dream home. That’s a man who has taken control of his life!

If you’re living expenses are not supported by someone else, you’ll need to find a consistent source of income large enough to cover those expenses. Doesn’t have to be glamorous or prestigious. Doesn’t have to be relevant to your fancy graduate degree. If you can’t get a job doing what you’re trained to do, just swallow your pride and get a job that pays. Waiting tables, bartending, stripping in a safe environment… as long as it’s NAP compliant and brings home the bacon, it’ll do. It’s not forever. Just until you establish passive forms of income to cover monthly expenses.

You’ll also need to keep your monthly spending under budget. Never spend more than you have. Keep track of expenses, and pay the entire balance of every bill every month. If you spend more than you have, you’ll waste money on interest payments and dig yourself into debt. Some people spend their whole life desperately attempting to escape debt. That’s not freedom. That’s financial prison.

Without your health and basic needs, it’s impossible to live as you wish. So please, cover these two priorities first, to establish a foundation on which to build the life you desire.

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Dan Shielding is a freedom strategist. He researches, explores, develops and tests various strategies for achieving real freedom in an effort to improve lives. To be free, Dan believes you must live as you truly wish, adhere to the non-aggression principle, and shield yourself from the aggression of others. So his strategies vary from self-help guru advice to practical steps collaborators can take to peacefully establish and maintain a free society.
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