Bundy Ranch Resists BLM Cattle Thieves – Imagine What Else Is Possible

Bundy Ranchers effectively standing up to government aggressors

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What We Know…

  • According to the Bundy family, their ancestors have been using, improving and ranching land in southeast Nevada since the 1870’s, long before the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was created.
  • As freedom lovers, we should understand that all government claims to land are illegitimate.
  • The government claims it’s conflict with the Bundy’s was intended to protect the desert tortoise. Yet the government has chosen to euthanize hundreds of these “precious animals” instead of placing them with adequate caretakers.
  • Recently the BLM has struggled to meet its annual $1 million budget. Amidst financial trouble, they recently managed to lease southeast Nevada land for the purpose of oil shale fracking operations for a cool $1.27 million, which offers another incentive to seize land in this area.
  • There’s also the incentive for government to stop anyone from setting a precedent of homesteading uninhabited public land and defying government demands in order to maintain their centralized power.
  • For whatever reason state and federal government has targeted rranchers in southeastern Nevada.
  • Cliven Bundy bravely resisted government orders to cap his herd and limit grazing land, while 52 other nearby ranchers were systematically forced off their land using oppressive government regulations, bribes and harassment.
  • After 20 years of threats by government aggressors, Cliven Bundy used phrases like “do whatever it takes” and “be more physical” none of which would warrant a PG-13 rating in Hollywood. But all of which gave bureaucrats a weak excuse to use excessive force to “ensure the safety” of their hired cattle thieves.
  • So the BLM gave approximately 200 aggressors the task of stealing 900 cattle from the Bundy’s using armed helicopters, ATV’s, construction equipment, attack dogs, snipers, portable livestock pens and military grade weaponry for an estimated $3 million dollars.
  • On March 27, BLM officials effectively imposed martial law (without using those words) on 300,000 acres of land, including everything on the eastern bench of the Moapa Valley, the Mormon Mesa, Virgin Peak range, Bunkerville Flats area and much of what is being called the Gold Butte complex.
  • When unarmed Bundy family members legally investigated BLM activity from State Route 170, BLM officials descended on them with 11 vehicles, at least 22 armed agents, an attack dog, and four snipers on the hill above. Once surrounded federal agents denied them their 1st amendment freedoms and ordered them into a fenced in “Free Speech Zone” like cattle. All family members complied immediately with one exception. Dave Bundy hesitated while taking video and speaking on his his phone, so they physically assaulted, abducted and held him in prison for 3 days charged with “refusing to disperse and resisting issuance of a citation / arrest” both of which are victimless crimes. Obviously Dave remained peaceful. If he hadn’t, they would have charged him with assault.
  • The BLM destroyed access to fresh water by tearing out water tanks and pipes ranchers had maintained and relied on for over hundred years, separated cows from their calves leaving them to die, hit protesters with SUV’s and a garbage truck and violently slammed a 59-year-old female cancer survivor to the ground. When Ammon Bundy protested, they assaulted him with an attack dog, which he blocked with his foot, and tased him in the chest, stomach, arm and neck. Luckily he and others were able to tear the probes out of his skin so he could remain standing and avoid arrest… an inspiring act of defiance.
  • At dawn 20 cowboys were able to enter land claimed by the BLM where they outnumbered federal agents and repossessed 30 head of cattle.
  • Throughout all of this, the Bundy’s remained verbally passionate yet peaceful. All in all I’m very impressed how well the Bundy family and their supporters have been able to resist government operations.

Like Waco, Ruby Ridge, Ed & Elaine Brown, etc. here we have a family bravely standing up to the federal government. Although this family seems to be more effective. They have won the support of the local community, have peacefully forced federal agents to stand down on two occasions, and have attracted the support of outsiders. Apparently the people of Utah wouldn’t even allow auctioneers in their state to auction these stolen cattle, so the BLM is having trouble getting rid of the animals thanks to voluntary public ostracism!

When something like this occurs, it’s fairly risky for people to put their lives on hold to support a family they don’t know in a standoff with armed federal agents, especially when similar standoffs in history have resulted in arrests and even genocide. I strongly believe as long as they remain peaceful, more people are going to be willing to stand with them during this crisis. I truly hope they can successfully regain control over their cattle and continue to resist government oppression.

What If…

In contrast, I’d like you to imagine not just 50 or 100 protesters reacting to an incident, but a thousand or more freedom lovers who agree on the following…

  • Goal: Establishing and maintaining a free society based on the non-aggression principle.
  • Strategy: Well-planned peaceful strategies for achieving that goal.
  • Location: A specific town or uninhabited region with strategic advantages where participants would prefer to live.

Imagine these people finding each other online through various social networks. They collaborate and compete to develop effective strategies for various scenarios. They determine the critical mass necessary to both transform the local culture and peacefully overcome aggressive military-grade government intervention. They develop mobile streams of income and make preparations to move. Once the critical mass is achieved online they migrate. On arrival, they prepare and wait for the ideal time to begin establishing their free society.

Imagine how much better their odds would be in this situation, with strong relationships established before hand, an intimate familiarity with the region, effective plans and preparations already in place…

What Strategies Could Enhance Future Success?

  • Avoid strength. Target weakness.
    Since the incentives of federal government are backed by trillions of dollars, Wouldn’t it be preferable to stay off the federal government’s radar as long as possible. Instead they could begin by focusing on smaller fish. First purging their community of local aggressors through public ostracism. Then dissolving local government and so on. I don’t see the need to directly challenge state or federal government unless they target the region with military intervention. Once a free society becomes strong enough locally, I just envision it’s participants individually choosing to stop recognizing these higher jurisdictions. No need for a blatant public act of defiance.
  • Extensive planning.
    This is a game of chess. You have to anticipate and have a plan for every possible move your opponent makes. You also cannot underestimate what government aggressors are capable of. They have murdered people for loitering. Turned tanks, aircrafts and military-grade weapons on peaceful people. You need to determine how best to handle every situation including worst case scenarios.
  • Group tactics.
    How can they travel from place to place and what warning systems could they develop, so individuals cannot be isolated, ambushed and picked off by federal agents?
  • Public relations.
    To win hearts and minds of the public, non-violence is crucial. So how are you going to incentivize people to remain peaceful? An individual claiming to represent your “group” could do something stupid and undermine public perception. So what would you do in that case? How would you maintain communication and the public’s trust?
  • Know the opponent.
    Who are the decision makers? Who are the order followers? What are their motivations, values, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. How can you provide each of them with incentives to do what you want?
  • Shape the opponent.
    How are you going to create cognitive dissonance in the minds of government agents? To create dissent within their ranks? Although it’s tempting and emotionally difficult to resist, perhaps you should not scream at every government agent as if they were an army of devils with a single mind. It’s far more preferable and effective to judge each of them as individuals based on their own actions. To speak to them in their language. To empathize and see the situation from their perspective. To enter the conversation they’re already having in their mind. To address their main concerns and priorities. You know… basic marketing strategy. What methods are you going to use to research and communicate with them?
  • Streaming Video
    Obviously it would help to have hundreds of cameras continuously recording events from every angle streaming video and audio live to the Internet, with a legion of freedom friendly independent reporters providing live commentary. That takes time and numbers to setup.
  • Redundancy
    If the government shuts down ISP’s, electric grids, water supplies, transportation routes etc. how are you going to survive and how are you going to maintain communication and trade with the outside world?
  • Families
    Clearly some government agents have no problem assaulting adults for victimless crimes. But what if each adult was holding a child of their own. Some would claim doing so is endangering the lives of children, using them as human shields. Such claims are the equivalent of blaming a rape victim for being raped. Bottom line: I’ve seen countless adults hit with tasers and nightsticks on video. How many times have you seen a parent holding their child struck by a police officer? In reality, government aggressors tear families apart every single day for harmless activities. Typically this tragedy is hidden from the public and from those following orders. Nobody sees the pain those children go through, when their parents are arrested away from home, never to return. By holding your child in your arms, all you’re doing is exposing reality. You’re allowing the order-followers to feel the effects of their aggression first hand, and your broadcasting it to the world. You’re providing incentive to be peaceful. You’re exposing government aggression for what it is. Imagine if you had hundreds of families holding their children blocking government vehicles from entering your town with countless video cameras streaming live to the Internet? With enough people, you could do this in shifts. What could the government possibly do in this situation?
  • Armor
    How about some inconspicuous body armor under your clothes and protective glasses. Enough to stop an electric probe or rubber bullet from entering your skin. We know what weapons they use, so why not come up with an effective form of defense? As Ammon Bundy demonstrated it’s a lot more difficult to drag you away if you don’t allow them to  paralyze you.
  • Prepare location.
    Supporters coming from far away have no way to prepare the location for their act of defiance. It would be far better to choose the location for strategic and personal reasons, to spend enough time there to know it better than your opponent, to make alterations before-hand so you have an advantage, and to maintain exit routes so your opponent can easily retreat, which is ultimately what you want.

Enough Strategy, The Point Is This…

To effectively establish and maintain a free society, we need greater numbers and more preparation for our acts of defiance to achieve complete success. Ideally our goal should be to prevent government aggressors from causing any harm to peaceful individuals or their property within our community. As we continue to watch this struggle unfold, I fully support these inspiring protesters. This is an invaluable opportunity to stand up for freedom, and to learn important lessons on how to achieve it.

What have you learned?
Any other ideas for enhancing future success?

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