HTAF 0003: Simple Steps I’ve Taken Recently to Achieve More Freedom

Simple Steps to Freedom

Achieving more freedom is easy. You just need to take simple steps each day.

In this episode of HTAF, Dan covers simple steps you can take to increase freedom in your life, shares the steps he’s recently taken and explains the strategies behind them.

What You Will Learn

  • 10 strategies for achieving more freedom
  • 18 simple steps you can take to achieve more freedom

Message Of The Day

“Simple Steps Each Day”

To increase the freedom in your life, all you have to do is take simple steps each day to live as you wish more effectively and to shield yourself from aggression.

Action Step

Schedule time to increase your freedom
Set aside a block of time on your calendar every week and/or every day to focus on the following Picking strategies, determining steps you can take, and taking action to increase the freedom in your life.

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Strategies We Discuss And Steps I Took Recently

Shielding yourself from aggression

  • Hedging against the inflation tax
  • Migration
  • Being prepared to defend yourself
    • Transferred some of my wealth into bitcoin. (Note: Third party bitcoin wallets get hacked. For long term storage, use multiple paper wallets and store them in secure locations.)
    • Sold my condo and moved my family to a safer, more freedom friendly neighborhood with less crime and fewer traffic lights! 😉

Legally protect yourself from aggression

    • Enrolled in a concealed carry license certification course

Maintain your health

  • The prerequisite for anything you want to accomplish.
    • Scheduled checkups with medical specialists.
    • Living healthy: eating well, exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, etc.

Raising children with love and respect

  • Having a positive impact on your life and the lives of others inspires others to follow your example, increases your influence and ultimately your power to transform a culture.
  • Adoption helps to increase our numbers and decrease theirs. It rescues each child from a life as an indoctrinated statist dependent on others, and gives them the opportunity to become a successful, independent freedom lover.
  • Unschooling allows us to model non-aggression and critical thinking skills, allows us to show our children how much we love them by spending more time with them, and allows us to better prepare them for a successful life.
    • Set aside money for the adoption process.
    • Dove into the unschooling process.
      • Setup learning environments at home
      • Joined local unschooling groups
      • Researched and began attending local activities, facilities & events
      • Used google calendar to balance work and unschooling, and to schedule engaging activities all week long.

Live as you wish more effectively

  • Increase your purchasing power
    so you can improve the options you have available to live as you wish.

      • Moved to a location with a lower cost of living.
      • Acquired a home with more rooms, so each member of my family can enjoy quiet time alone if he/she wishes.
      • Increase your efficiency
        so you can make more progress toward the life you want, and have more time to live as you wish.

        • STEPS TAKEN
          • Delegated food shopping, preparation and cleanup to local food delivery service.
          • Tailored my work space for increased productivity
            • Acquired a larger, sound-proof home office.
            • Setup permanent stations for repetitive tasks
            • Cleaned up and organized my home and home office
          • Began batch processing repetitive tasks
          • Started using apps for task management, social networking and scheduling

Find the right partner

  • If you don’t have children, find a partner who shares your core values for achieving freedom, and your parenting style. (peaceful parenting, unschooling, etc.) That way it’s a lot easier to live as you wish and to achieve the life you want.
  • If you have a family you cherish with a partner who does not share your core values, you can still achieve freedom and the life you want. Just realize it may take more effort and more steps to get there. A consistent reliable source of passive income helps!
    • Reached first stepping stone for moving family to ultimate location.

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Dan Shielding is a freedom strategist. He researches, explores, develops and tests various strategies for achieving real freedom in an effort to improve lives. To be free, Dan believes you must live as you truly wish, adhere to the non-aggression principle, and shield yourself from the aggression of others. So his strategies vary from self-help guru advice to practical steps collaborators can take to peacefully establish and maintain a free society.
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