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On this site I won’t be explaining why freedom is the best option or why it makes the most sense. This web site was designed for individuals who already get it.

Here we explore, discuss and solve the big question… “HOW Can You Achieve Freedom?” How can you achieve freedom for yourself, for your loved ones and how can you collaborate with others to establish a free society?

By “Freedom,” I mean living as you wish without aggression from others as long as it’s both physically possible and does not violate NAP (the Non-Aggression Principle).

By “Living As You Wish” I mean figuring out what your most important values are, what ignites your happiness, and designing your life, goals and daily activities to reflect those values instead of being a slave to the expectations of others.

By “Free Society” I mean walking outside your door, and being surrounded by a culture composed of individuals the vast majority of which use the Non-Aggression Principle as their guide and can effectively shield themselves from aggression.

These concepts are not just theoretical dreams. These are goals human beings can realistically achieve and it doesn’t have to take multiple lifetimes to get there. If your time is almost up – if you only have a week left on this planet, you can still significantly increase your freedom and enjoy each day that much more. I’m going to show you how.

On the other hand, if you’re sticking around for the next couple decades, you have enough time to connect with others who share your vision, strategy and location preferences, and together you can establish a free society and experience freedom as it’s meant to be experienced. This may sound simple. It’s not. It will be a wonderful adventure. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Together we’ll develop, explore and test strategies in order to make real freedom a reality.

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About DanShielding

Dan Shielding is a freedom strategist. He researches, explores, develops and tests various strategies for achieving real freedom in an effort to improve lives. To be free, Dan believes you must live as you truly wish, adhere to the non-aggression principle, and shield yourself from the aggression of others. So his strategies vary from self-help guru advice to practical steps collaborators can take to peacefully establish and maintain a free society.
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