More Guns Equal Less Violence

More concealed carry guns in the hands of responsible freedom lovers results in a more free and peaceful society

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest” Gandhi [1] If you want a more peaceful society, please consider the one strategy scientifically proven to consistently reduce violent crime. The following is a…

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Free Society FAQs

A free society takes the principles of freedom to their  logical conclusion.

Quick Definition As mentioned in a previous post, A free society is a culture in which… The vast majority of participants voluntarily and consistently use NAP as a guide for living their own lives and for judging the actions of others. The vast majority of participants are effectively able to…

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Are you prepared to protect your loved ones?

4 individuals terrorize hundreds. Why do adults capable of defense choose to cower defenseless frozen in corners waiting to be saved or executed? Is this behavior natural or conditioned? Government agents some attempting to help, others firing on each other, killing one of their own, smashing windows and looting stores.…

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When police come knocking

Opening the door to police is like inviting a vampire into your home. If you didn’t request and don’t need police assistance, never open the door when police visit your home. Never do or say anything that could be interpreted as consent. If you keep talking, chances are you will…

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Don’t open your door to police

Never open your door to police unless you called them, or you need their help. They tell us to comply with police orders to avoid getting shot. At the same time we’re supposed to disobey specific orders or they’ll falsely interpret compliance as consent. It’s a “you lose” and “they…

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